On stage: BrandOutLoud

21 November 2016


Normally they are behind the lens spotlighting people. Today we we want to spotlight them, as they help people shine! Their way of working with partners, their innovation, creativity and sense of humour gets the best out of people.

We never thought that one day we would be able to share our story with the rest of the world. But here we are: thanks to BrandOutLoud! This creative communication agency helped us not only to develop our international communication but listen to the people we work with outside the office, which resulted in images and design of a whole set of communication tools.

Living the story

BrandOutLoud supported us in 2014 with our promotional video’s Breaking Barriers and Lady S. This year we worked with them to develop our brand and communication further. And early November, we had the honour of working with BrandOutLoud's team in Sierra Leone. Within two weeks they did incredible work, setting up the right strategies and tools to help us break barriers and change negative mindsets so that no persons with a disability are left behind. BrandOutLoud didn’t only visualize our story, they lived it and that’s what we really admire most about them.

What impressed us about BrandOutLoud is their way of working with partners, their innovation, creativity and sense of humour to get the best out of people. They believe that everyone has a story worth telling and people are in better position to tell their story, they only need a mirror to reflect on them.

Visualising beauty

We have learnt so many things in this process. In example, how to make smart photos by searching the right spot, selecting the best images and use them for social media in a more effective way. BrandOutLoud helped us how to define significant stories and document them in images and words. Stories with a clear message and straight to the point.

It was such a motivation working with them, they gave us the inspiration to see the positive side of people and nature through the lens. And how to visualize beauty depending on the angle you position yourself. As barriers to success can be broken depending on the angle you tackle them.

‘On Stage’

We believe everyone has a talent within them. By using that talent perceptions change and show everyone that you can be whomever you want to be. And that is where our campaign ‘On Stage’ comes in. Often used in circus acts, we want persons with disability the stage to celebrate their ability and talent – whether it is drama, sports or music. Changing perceptions start with their own.

The stage is part of our brand, same as our logo, colours and images are. Together they show what we stand for. Therefore, with the launch of our new brand, we start with ‘On Stage’. We want to spotlight people, like BrandOutLoud and many others, and give them the stage. Because they inspire and push us to move forward. In their very own way, they break barriers for disability.

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Interested how BrandOutLoud looks back on working with us? Read their blog: Backstage On Stage in Sierra Leone