Disability is not inability

The only way to dispel the stigma against persons with disabilities is to empower them to use their skills and talents to make an impact. Christopher is such a driving force in his community. In everything he does, his heart and passion shines through. “I want to show my community the extraordinary things that persons with disabilities can contribute.” Not only does he feel personally compelled to help others make their lives better, he’s pushing persons with disabilities to be the best that they can be.

Getting a ‘push’

Christopher started working with M— Disabled Enterprise, helping persons with disabilities band together to do agricultural activities. This is where he met OneFamilyPeople. “Disability is not inability. It’s a matter of having someone to push you to do something better”. Seeing the potential in Christopher to accomplish so much more - not only for himself but also for his community - if given the right resources, OneFamilyPeople helped him to enroll in college to study one of his passions: computer science. Now, he’s taking the opportunity to learn everything he can, and using his knowledge of computers to run his agricultural business more effectively.

Empowering others

Christopher got his ‘push’ from OneFamilyPeople, and he wants to inspire all persons with disabilities to focus on improving their lives. “If no one was there to push me, I wouldn’t be here to push others”. Helping others is his main priority. He’s giving his all to support persons with disabilities in his community to use their talents to create successful businesses of their own. So far, he’s impacted many people in eight different communities.

Today me, tomorrow maybe you

We shouldn’t ever look down on someone because of a disability. "Disability can happen to everyone. It happened to me. Tomorrow it might be you.” Christopher wasn’t always disabled. He had an accident and was eventually advised to amputate his leg. Like Christopher, every single one of us could wake up one day to find our lives changed. In that moment we may need someone to remind us of our abilities, just as Christopher is doing for so many.