Lady S

Unleashing her talent

Every person has a talent within them. Without guidance though, chances are that talent will remain hidden. Sally grew up with the idea that she was helpless to change her situation or her life. Now she’s living proof of the fact that this simply isn’t true. She’s using her talent to change perceptions and showing everyone that they can be whomever they want to be.

Disowned by her family because of her disability, Sally struggled to survive for many years. She was living on the streets and eventually in a dilapidated building in Freetown with a community of others with disabilities. In 2007, she met OneFamilyPeople, who encouraged the group to join together and harness the energy and talent inside each and every one of them. “I never knew I was a singer. Until OneFamilyPeople came, then I knew…” Sally unleashed the music that was in her all along.

The rise of Lady S

With OneFamilyPeople’s support, Sally helped establish the Great Walpoleans, and her inner artist, Lady S, came pouring out. “People see my ups and downs, but they don’t know what I’m going through. But when I send the message out with my singing, people begin to know what I am really about, what I am fighting to achieve.” During the international campaign ‘OneBillionRising4Justice’, Sally led the march through the capital in demand of an end to violence against girls and young women. Now people all over Sierra Leone look up to Sally. “I am a real role model. I have created many changes in the lives of people with disabilities, especially young girls and women.”

Giving girls and women a voice

Sally has become one of the key links between OneFamilyPeople and the communities they serve, especially when it comes to addressing the challenges that women and young girls are facing. She helped to form various structures within the Girl Power Programme, including the Mother Led Protection Unit and the Victory Girls. Now, she’s a champion for ‘Her Choice’, a programme  against child marriage. “Being with these girls gives me courage. If they have someone around whom they can talk with and bring them to what they’re supposed to be, these girls can make it, too.”

Whether she’s singing her heart out as Lady S or just going about her daily life, Sally is a shining light of inspiration to everyone, everywhere she goes.