One Family People

Breaking barriers for disability

The only way to change the lives of persons with disabilities is to include them in the process.

OneFamilyPeople believes that persons with disabilities are powerful, radiant agents of change. That’s why we have an unwavering commitment to enabling them to develop and attain the same quality of life as those without disabilities, and we include them in everything we do. By listening and giving them space to shine, we work together to find solutions that benefit not only persons with disabilities but their families and communities as well.

Full potential

Successful integration happens when we address all aspects of life. From livelihood and protection to education and leadership mentoring, OneFamilyPeople provides a full spectrum of services to bring persons with disabilities to their full potential. Through our key focus areas: health, economic empowerment and education, we deliver programmes and services that make an impact.

Together we can

Creating an inclusive society for persons with disabilities is a complex and large scale issue that can’t be effectively addressed by one single organisation. That’s why we proudly work with a broad range of local and international partners. From small scale assistance that is direct and tailor-made to international lobbying and advocacy that changes infrastructure, we’re able to break barriers.

This commitment to inclusive development is where the strength of our work lies. By including persons with disabilities and their families, as well as local government, traditional leaders, existing community networks, and schools, we empower these groups to take ownership and ensure that change is sustainable.