Release of funds to Partner Organizations in four Districts

19 February 2020

Child Empowerment means increasing the child’s personal, social, educational and economic strengths.
As Strategic Partner organization of Liliane Foundation in Sierra Leone, OneFamilyPeople is responsible to deliver a national program for the empowerment of children with disabilities in collaborating with five partner organizations in 4 districts.
These Partner organisations are Disabled Person’s Organisations(DPOs) and Civil Society Organisation(CSOs) that provide directly support to children and youngsters in their catchment areas in the domain of health, education, livelihood, social Inclusion and empowerment ensuring that their lives receive the highest possible quality.
On  January, 2020 OneFamilyPeople disbursed the funds to the five Partner Organisations which are in charge of implementing the empowerment and Community Based Rehabilitation activities. So doing, they provide directly support to 461 children and youngsters with disabilities for the first and second quarters of 2020 in the area of health, education, livelihood and social Inclusion so that will be resilient and able to stand up together with their families.


The disbursement ceremony, which concluded a two days training with our DPOs, was witnessed by a representative from Ministry of Planning and Economic Development(MOPED), National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) and Sierra Leone Union on Disabilities (SLUDI).

The Government, community stakeholders and other civil society organisations should work closely with national and international organizations to improve the physical capabilities of children with disabilities to their access to services and facilities, support them to obtain work and economic empowerment and strengthen their capacity and those of their parents for a better integration.


OneFamilyPeople is giving support to all organizations who play a key role in their community and fight everyday for the rights of people with disabilities. OneFamilyPeople is also complementing the efforts of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs to promote equal opportunity for PWDs to participate in politics and public life as well as facilitate them in their everyday life.