Universal Periodic Review Third Cycle Report Validation Meeting

14 November 2020

In 2006, the United Nations General Assembly resolution 60/251 established the Human Rights Council (HRC), with the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) as a subsidiary mechanism tasked to review the human rights performance of each UN Member State. The resolution called on the HRC to evaluate its work five years after its inauguration. The evaluation process that ensued resulted in a strengthened focus on the implementation of UPR recommendations and an appeal to States and other stakeholders, including civil society, to provide the Council with progress reports.  UPR provides a new and exciting opportunity for us to hold the Sierra Leone Government accountable to all its human rights obligations and commitments. Similar to other human rights mechanisms, the UPR encourages us to engage in dialogue and challenge Government to respect, protect and fulfill the broad range of human rights under the umbrella of international law and agreements.

In recognizing the importance of this and after undergoing training with Amnesty International, OneFamilyPeople and partners decided to undertake independent findings to put together a shadow report that follows the UPR guidelines. OneFamilyPeople coordinated few meetings with OPD’s and partner organizations prior to the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic during which two committees were established to support the process. Due to some challenges resulting from the impact of COVID 19, it was difficult for partners to meet. That notwithstanding, to ensure that a preliminary shadow report relating to the UNCRPD is presented before the deadline, OneFamilyPeople (OFP) drafted a report to be validated by all parties before submission to the UN Human Right Council. In order to ensure that this document truly represents the views of all parties, we decided to organize a validation conference inviting our PO’s, CSOs, OPD’s, OFP staff, Amnesty International and the Human Right Commission of Sierra Leone to critically look at the report and its recommendations.

This program was well attended. The Programs Manager Mr. Henry Sheku and the Director of Operations Madam Hadiatou Diallo from OFP presented the report, followed by plenary discussions and input on emerging issues. The event gave participants the opportunity to mention significant challenges faced by PWDs in accessing such services across the country. In line with the draft report presented, the following areas were extensively deliberated by representatives from different CSOs and OPD’s:

  1. healh
  2. education
  3. housing and infrastructure
  4. accessibility
  5. emplyoment/empowerment


After compiling the views of everyone present, we proceeded with the final review. After a whole day of deliberations plus a few tweaks here and there, the drafted report was unanimously adopted by all parties concerned and OneFamilyPeople facilitated submission of the report to UN Human Right Council.

Find attached a copy of the submitted UPR report.