Whatever it takes

Whether we’re marching through the capital or performing one of our songs, we’ll go the distance to make sure our voices are heard. Participating in national and international campaigns, we highlight the crucial issues affecting persons with disabilities and bring about effective change.

We ring the bell: making noise for inclusive education 

In March 2015, we joined Liliane Foundation’s global campaign, ‘We Ring the Bell’, asking the government to make schools accessible to all children, especially those with disabilities, and to ensure that teachers and teaching materials meet their needs. We did this literally and figuratively, with over 300 children using bells, empty cans of tin loaded with stones, bottles and spoons to make noise for one minute in their schoolyards.

The programme was covered by both print and electronic media and aired on the national television for fifteen days. As a result of the campaign, we started to working with the Ministry of Education to make education inclusive.

OneBillionRising4Justice: Demanding an end to violence

OneFamilyPeople participated in the international campaign ‘OneBillionRising4Justice’ where women activists across the world demanded an end to violence against girls and young women. Our goal was to make these campaigns inclusive.

We organised the campaign in Freetown where Salay a.k.a. Lady S led the march through the capital, becoming one of the shining stars of the movement and within all of Sierra Leone.