Economic empowerment

Improving livelihoods

The opportunity for meaningful employment is essential, not only to an individual’s economic security but also their physical and mental health, personal wellbeing and sense of identity and dignity. Unfortunately, poverty, unemployment, and limited possibilities for self-reliance are the biggest threats to persons with disabilities.

Improving the livelihood skills of persons with disabilities and preparing them for a more demanding job market have not been prioritised within post-war reconstruction programmes, but they need to take centre stage in order to tackle poverty. OneFamilyPeople is addressing these issues through numerous projects designed to promote employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and empower them.

One such project is the Dignity Market Centre, which infuses the local economy by providing opportunities for youth with disabilities to develop as contributors, leaders, and decision-makers within their communities.


Livelihood pilot project: ‘Improving the economic prospect of persons with disabilities in post Ebola recovery programme’ 
- In partnership with UNDP

In addition to bolstering basic needs such as food security and ensuring access to education for children with disabilities, as all schools were closed during the emergency, this project supported persons with disabilities to participate in the EVD response. Through this project, ten Disabled Persons Organisations, serving 308 persons with disability, received technical and financial support to establish and run their own businesses. 

Support to persons with disabilities to respond and recover from the EVD crisis
- Funded by the Australian High Commission

This project strengthened the capacity of persons with disabilities whose income generating activities were constrained due to the Ebola outbreak. This included training in marketing, business planning and management.

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