What we do

In order to create a transformed society where every person with a disability enjoys equal rights, there are certain fundamental issues that must be addressed. We reduce poverty and improve livelihoods of persons with disabilities through focus in three key areas: economic empowerment, health and education

At the same time, we believe that development should be inclusive. Everyone matters regardless of their ability. Therefore on broad (global) topics – as gender and education - persons with disabilities should be included in development programmes. At OneFamilyPeople we plea for making disability mainstream nationwide and beyond. That is our niche and where we align with international alliances and campaigns to promote inclusive development

Working with local partners and strategic international partners on a variety of projects, we’re able to reach all of the 14 districts in Sierra Leone. No matter the size of the organisations we work with, equity, transparency and mutual benefit are unshakeable values that we bring to all of our partnerships. We take care to employ evidence-based monitoring and evaluation systems, and report with consistency, accuracy and efficiency.