Spotlighting disability

Making disability mainstream

In addition to our three main focus areas, we have a broader aspiration to spotlight the intersection of disability with other global topics and to promote disability mainstreaming in Sierra Leone and beyond. This includes not only addressing those worldwide issues that equally impact persons with disabilities, but also involving everyone in the solution.



Her Choice, Building Child Marriage Free Communities
- In partnership with ICDI

Child marriage is a widespread phenomenon which endangers the health and wellbeing of girls and women - with and without disabilities all over the world. Her Choice aims to end child marriage by 2020 by supporting communities to take responsibility for empowering their girls to decide if, when and whom they will marry.

Girl Power Programme
- In partnership with ICDI and Women Win

Through the Girl Power Programme, girls and young women, especially those with disabilities, were empowered to participate actively in society. The programme enhanced (secondary) education and economic opportunities for girls and engaged the entire community in working together for better protection for their sisters, daughters, etc.

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