Cultivating minds

Education determines more than someone’s economic future – it is critical to one’s social and emotional development, to establishing a sense of identity and a sense of place in the world. The education system in Sierra Leone has little capacity to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Not only are schools staffed by teachers with little or no training with regard to disability, there’s a widespread ignorance and fear of disability and little or no promotion of the benefits of inclusion.

OneFamilyPeople breaks these barriers by using community-based strategies to get to the underlying cause of these issues. This includes investing in individual training and skills, as well as mobilising communities and families to transform social norms.


Child empowerment programme
- In partnership with Liliane Foundation

This programme promotes diversity and empowers children with disabilities to be self-advocates. It is designed to promote quality community-based interventions that focus on the development of the child and eliminate the barriers that hinder their full participation.

Education 4 All
- In partnership with UNICEF and Ministry of Education

Following the global ‘We Ring the Bell’ campaign, the Ministry of Education invited OneFamilyPeople to a consultative meeting on inclusive education where we were given the responsibility to procure special need educational materials for the speech and hearing impaired.

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